Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fortress of Mist: Sigmund Brouwer

   Secret identities, unknown enemies, suspicious allies? What else could you want? Sigmund Brouwer really went all-out with this page-turner. You never knew where Thomas stood with someone or what their motives were. Did they want to help him maintain his strenuous hold on Magnus? Do they want to swipe control of Magnus away from Thomas? In this book you never know.  It's a page-turning adventure filled with mistrust and intricate plots.
   Thomas is an intriguing character. To his peers he seems exceptionally wise, but in reality he actually gained this knowledge from a stash of hidden books no one knows about. He is a cunning man and he uses every advantage he can to keep a hold on Magnus.
   Due to his book stash he was able to conquer Magnus a supposedly unreachable province and he gains control of Magnus without the loss of a single life. Due to this he impresses his peers and commands the respect of his troops. Where you go in Fortress of Mist you never know.

This book was provided free of charge by Multinomah publishing

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seismic Influences: Priscilla Audette

   In Seismic Influences we join main character Joy in the early years of the sexual revolution. Joy tells us about the ups and downs of the 70's and the different types of people their were. Over-all I greatly enjoyed Seismic Influences. I was up all night reading it. My favorite part about this book is the fact that you never know what's going to happen. It's a mystery the whole time.
   There are definitely some interesting people involved in the storyline, each with their own motive. There is the very sick-minded owner of the restaurant. The married detective who works the murder of the body she finds. The Mississippi Cowboy. The jewelry store owner with a hidden profession. And the runner of an escort service.
   The end was never quite clear. You never know what's going to happen.

Chasing the Lost: Bob Mayer

   Chasing the Lost follows a group of ex-military,an ex-ranger, and a veterinarian as they attempt to rescue a boy Cole Briggs from kidnappers demanding $50 Million dollars in super-bowl bets from his father. His mother Sarah Briggs runs to Chase as she's being pursued by her son's kidnappers. It's a race to the short deadline that's been set.
   Wow. This definitely took some unexpected turns. All in all I loved it. There were a lot of technical details, but the story was still easily understood. I loved how all the ex-service men reacted when they were suddenly thrust back into action in a way none of them could have expected.
   With a fast moving plot and an ending that will stun you, this makes a perfect read for pretty much everyone. Absolutely amazing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

White Lies: Alice Sabo

   White Lies revolves around an actor (Asher) who's struggling to piece together his life after it was torn a part by alcohol and drugs. It starts out with him being falsely accused of murdering a former manager of his who had stolen money from him. During this book it delves into his experiences with recovering lost friendships, finding love, and solving the mystery surrounding his false charges.
   He learns how to walk the straight and narrow, while narrowly avoiding temptation. A murder investigation is the last thing he needs while trying to recover his life again. Through an intricate plot Asher discovers himself facing numerous charges, that make it nearly impossible to guess the ending.
   White lies was an amazing book. I got it in the mail and I had it read a few hours later. It was a page-turner that left me craving more when it ended. I truly hope to have the privilege of reviewing more of Alice's books. She is a truly talented author, and I hope she finds a successful career that fully utilizes her talents.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Francesca of Lost Nation: Lucinda Sue Crosby

   Francesca of Lost Nation follows Francesca, 59 and her granddaughter Sarah, 10 in their adventures. I honestly don't have much to say about the novel. I thought the writing tended to be a bit bland at times. There was nothing really wrong about the writing it just wasn't my style. 
   It felt kind of like a historical fiction piece. So if you like a story filled with an antiquated feel to it. I recognize it was well written; however, it didn't really capture my attention.
   I think that if there had been a little more action and less description that it would be a much more interesting read. So I think you should get this if this kind of thing appeals to me, but it wasn't really up my alley.
   Other people greatly enjoy this story due to its odd sense of humor and sensitivity; however, this kind of book was never very appealing to me. For me it failed to draw me into the story.

   A free copy of this book was provided by the author for reviewing purposes. 

Nothing Down: Mike Reuther

   I'll admit that I'm not a Baseball fan. I'm basketball through and through, but like it says on the back of the book 'You don't have to be a Baseball fan to enjoy this page-turning novel'. This is entirely accurate. Nothing Down is about a rookie Major League Baseball player, Homer Newbody, who is quickly ostracized for publicly stating that he'd happily play for nothing more than 'meal money'.
   This story really is captivating. The way Homer is willing to stand up for his beliefs even if they're not popular. This story really shows a strong faith in America, for the fact that he isn't interested in money like so many people are.
   This is a surprisingly touching tales about sticking to your morals no matter what, and following your dreams.
   It really was a page-turner. This story about a young American hero was brilliantly told.

This book was provided for free for reviewing purposes by the author.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Judge: R.J. Larson

   Judge is a pretty good book. What I got from it is the infinite is kind of like god. With prophets and holy missions.
   Kien Lantac didn't expect to be sent on a special mission from the Infinite on his first day of military leave. He's frustrated because his mission has absolutely nothing to do with his skills as a military judge in training. His job is to warn the people of ToronSea against turning against the Infinite in favor of a goddess that is quickly becoming the popular way of worship.
   Ela of Parne is the Infinite's chosen prophet. She is sent to Parne to try and rid the town of their unholy notions. However when she gets there she doesn't quite get what she expected.
   Although I'm usually pretty against books with religious undertones I thought this was an exciting tale that leads you through all of the different obstacles that Ela and Kien must face together and separately. This is an exciting tale that captures your attention from page one.
   It shows the importance of keeping true to yourself no matter what the consequences. That makes a pretty good story to me.

   A free copy of this book was provided by Bethany House publishers for reviewing purposes.